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FastBooking is a recognized leader in hotel website booking solutions.

About the project

FastBooking is a recognized leader in hotel website booking solutions. Its solutions and services optimize a hotel's business by maximizing highly profitable direct website bookings and rationalizing inventory and pricing across all other online sales channels. Iris Capital invested at FastBooking’s inception together with business angels and helped the company deliver exponential growth and profitability over the 7 years of its investment. During that period the room sales volumes booked through FastBooking’s solutions reached €280m annually with a strong hotel clients base first developed across Europe and then in Asia. Combining deep hotel industry experience, innovative technology and online marketing expertise, FastBooking built over this period a range of innovative online booking solutions and services bringing strong alignment with hotels’ business optimization interest. Starting with an efficient real time online booking engine solution for the hotels’ own direct online distribution, the company then rapidly expanded its products and services offering to include visibility and traffic generation services, competitor price monitoring and CRM tools and global online sales channels management solutions (pricing, channels allocation…).

Investment followed by : Erik de la Rivière