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In what companies do we invest?

We proactively look for companies which have the potential to be leaders in their domestic and international market. We invest in experienced teams, cutting edge technologies, high-growth markets and business models that are viable and sustainable. We can invest at different stages: from effective start of revenue generation to growth capital for profitable companies.

In what sectors is Iris Capital active, and why?

We are interested in product and service companies as well as enabling technologies in our areas of interest: digital economy, and among others, social and new digital media, Internet and mobile services, Cloud Computing, new networking and softwware technologies, etc.

This industry in undergoing strong long term growth as well as constant change, bolstered by technological progress, regulatory changes and new business models emerging. The outcome is a constant redistribution of positions among the players and space for newcomers, giving rise to very attractive high-growth segments as well as opportunties for niche players.

As a specialised investor with long experience and privileged relationships with some industry leaders, we believe we are perfectly positioned to benefit from this sector's tremendous growth prospects.

Where does Iris Capital invest?

We invest mostly in Europe and from time to time outside, mainly in North America and Asia, should the companies have a European angle. In addition, we manage the STC Ventures fund, with a local team covering the Middle East.

Iris Capital is a true pan-European investor, with a core target of France, Germany, Benelux, Switzerland.

We have historically invested across 18 European countries and have significant and successful experience in North America.

Iris Capital has offices in Paris, Dusseldorf, Ryad, Dubaï, Beijin, Tokyo, San Francisco and Montreal. Such international coverage serves on the one hand to source local investment opportunities, and on the other to help our portfolio companies develop internationally.

What is a typical investment size?

We invest between 1M and 20M euros per company. We keep some reserves to be able to participate in follow-on investment rounds in order to support the development of our companies.

Is Iris Capital an active shareholder?

Our approach is that of a proactive, but not activist, investor. When we invest, we bring capital, but we also bring know-how and networking, put to the service of our companies' growth plans.

Our specialisation allows us to speak the same language as the managers we partner with, and our long experience allows us to better manage situations we have already had to navigate. We have a large international network of entrepreneurs, investors and industrial partners, first among which are the great number of companies we have invested in. And we have privileged relations with Orange and Publicis, which whom we exchange frequently. This network affords us privileged information and contacts, from which our portfolio companies can in turn benefit.

We foster an environment of open communication between ourselves and the managers we support. They have a considerable task, made easier when they can consult a partner who is removed from daily operations but who shares the same long-term vision. In return, we expect transparency and reactivity.

What is the typical length of investments?

We are long-term investors, creating value through the growth of our investee companies. On average, our investments length is 4/5 years. However, we are able to accommodate specific situations and to be opportunistic, taking into consideration the M&A and IPO markets cycles.

Does Iris Capital always lead the investment round?

In Europe, we typically act as a lead or co-lead investor, but this is not a set condition: each case differs depending on investment size and geographic proximity, and we always seek the best round composition for each company. Outside Europe, we prefer to partner with a local fund which acts as lead investor, in order to facilitate investment and divestment transactions, and on-site monitoring.

Does Iris Capital take a board seat?

As we strive to participate in the strategic decision-making process within the companies we invest in, therefore we do require to a seat on the company’s board, allowing us in turn to bring to the company our experience in good corporate governance.

Who should I contact?

If you have a project for us to review, send it through our submission page and it will go to the right Iris Capital partner with knowledge of your sector who will get back in contact with you directly.